Cancellations and Rescheduling

As a wedding officiant I understand that life can be mercurial at times. Stuff happens. Plans change. Travel gets interrupted. Family issue arise. Some wedding officiants are more reasonable than others and that’s the category I fall into. Unlike other providers who simply forfeit your fees and require you to start the process from the beginning, including paying your deposits and fees all over again, I take the long view, and created a policy that is straightforward and fair.

If you are cancelling your ceremony outright, I do not refund deposits whatsoever. Holding your date means I’ve turned down others and lost the ability to generate the revenue I would’ve otherwise earned. Plus, I’ve invested a certain amount of time and effort into your ceremony up to the point your cancelled.  I do not require you to fulfill any remaining financial obligation for your package however.

If you need to reschedule your ceremony, whether you know your new date or not, I give you up to 180 days (6 months) to pick a new date without losing any deposit amount you have paid me. You will still owe your balance naturally but you do not lose your deposit amount. You must consult with me first on the new date to make sure I have it free and can accommodate you.

I make every effort to problem solve and try to be fair to everyone. Should you wish to talk with previous clients who have needed to take advantage of this policy, I am happy to provide your with brides who needed to make the arrangements so you have the level of comfort necessary for you to make decisions from.

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