Ceremony Flow of Events

For That Wedding Lady in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, whether yours is a vow renewal ceremony, a wedding or commitment ceremony, this post shows my typical flow of events.

The order may change depending on your circumstances and preferences.

You can use this information to create a wedding placard for your guests to follow during the event.

  • Seating of Parents/Grandparents (optional)
  • Processional (bridal party enters in order: -groom, groomsmen, ring bearer, flower girl, bride and escort; note: ring bearer and flower girl complete their entry task then go sit in front row during ceremony.)
    • Opening Remarks
      In Remembrance (optional; included in opening remarks)
    • Giving the Bride Away (optional)
    • Words of Wisdom
    • The Story of You
    • Unity Activity (optional)
    • Taking Vows
    • Ring Exchange
    • Moment to Reflect
    • Proclamation
    • Recessional (bridal party exits in order: bride and groom, best man and maid of honor, continue pairing groomsmen and maids until complete, ring bearer, flower girl, grooms front row VIPS, brides front row VIP)
    • Announcement: I announce to the crowd that you are off to take pictures and they should proceed to a designated area….  (you tell me what this is-usually I’m supposed to send them to the bar to have a cocktail until you rejoin the group.)


Pre-Cruise Ceremonies, Uber, Great Photos and You

Taking a cruise and looking to have a vow renewal or wedding ceremony on the beach before you set off? Take a look at these meet location details especially designed for a quick in and out ceremony with a couple of great photography spots thrown in for extra fun.

Most of my cruise folks use Uber to get around because they won’t be in town long enough to need a car rental. Moreover, they want a spot very close to Port Everglades to make their tight schedule efficient. Here’s what you need to know, and what to enter into your Uber app to set you up for the best drop off/pick up location.

Uber Drop Off and Pick Up is Tightly Controlled

Fort Lauderdale Beach is a constant flow of people. To that end, Uber is limited to specific “No-Go” areas for pick up and drop off. The fine is big money for them so they need a side street location and not one on the main drag known as A1A or Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd. This presents a problem as visitors don’t know the side streets or any addresses on them. Below you will find a carefully chosen set of locations to give you exactly what you need to plan your meet up location then walk across to the beach.

*Relax! Even with heavy traffic,  you are
only approximately 10-15 minutes from Port Everglades.

The Middle Ground

Fort Lauderdale Beach is actually comprised of 3 sets of beaches: North Beach, Central Beach and South Beach, the entire length of which is about 2 miles top to bottom. The locations in this post are at the top end of the South Beach section. They were chosen specifically to :

  • Get you to a nearby beach for your gig
  • Avoid traffic congestion and weird one-way street problems
  • Set your Uber drop off/pick up spot convenient for you AND the Uber drivers’ needs
  • Keep you close to the Port for those on tight schedules
  • Plunk you down in the middle of some supremely neato photography options.

Click “View Larger Map” for details on each map
The red pin is the exact location on the map for each entry.

Beach Shack Paddleboards Address – Use this address and location for Uber drop off/pick up

This one-way side street is a sneaky little spot that allows Uber to pop in for  drop off/pick up, plus it sets the Uber driver up perfectly to return you to the Port without having to drive several very congested blocks to U-turn south to Port Everglades to catch your cruise ship. In your Uber app, enter Beach Shack Paddleboards and you’re set to go.


Neato Bandito Photography Options Post Ceremony

>>>>>>North of the Uber drop off point (2 Min Walk)<<<<<<

Greetings to Fort Lauderdale Postcard Stand


Photo Greetings PostcardImmediately due south of the main intersection of Las Olas Blvd & A1A, (one block north of Uber drop off/pick up point,) you’ll find a large, colorful, wooden postcard stand with “Greetings to Fort Lauderdale” on it. You can stand next to it and take a fun photo, then head across the street to the Wish You Were Here Postcard Stand.

Click “View Larger Map” for details on each map
The red pin is the exact location on the map for each entry.

Wish You Were Here Postcard Stand

Photo Beach Postcard Fort Lauderdale FL
This Postcard photo station actually has a cut out so you can be “inside” the sentiment.

>>>>>>South of the Uber Drop Off Location (30 sec walk)<<<<<<

Giant Beach Chair

Big beach chair photo


Immediately south of 5th Street and A1A (the street where Uber dropped you at the Beach Shack Paddleboards address,) check out this gigantic chair you can both sit in together and take a magical photo.

Click “View Larger Map” for details on each map
The red pin is the exact location on the map for each entry.

D.C. Alexander Park

picture of a park in florida

A rare green space down at the beach with grass and trees for some photos set against a lovely natural background. Usually not crowded at all and right next to your Uber drop off/pick up point.

Wooden Totem Pole

picture of totem pole


Essentially located within D.C. Alexander Park on Fort Lauderdale Beach Blvd/A1A, this wooden totem pole gives you another unique photography option.

You’ll breathe easier with this set plan connecting Fort Lauderdale Beach to Port Everglades for your vow renewal on the beach (or wedding ceremony or commitment ceremony) before you leave on your cruise.

Visiting America? Need your Mobile Phone?

How to use your cell phone on vacation answered! Check out this SIM card special to use your phone while you are traveling to the USA. Your Vow Renewal Ceremony (or wedding or commitment ceremony) is important. Capturing these precious moments just became easier with T-Mobile’s International Visitor Plan.

Sandwich sign on sidewalk for T Mobile Sim Card Plan
Tourist Mobile Phone Plan while Visiting the US

After passing this sign nearly every day, it occurred to me what a big help it would be for my international visitors to help plan their phone needs for the big event. After stopping in and talking with them, they were delighted to give me details, and offer a delivery service to for groups of 3 or more. T-Mobile is a large provider in the USA so their coverage is excellent throughout our country.

The Deets
  • Free Sim Card
  • Unlimited Data  *see fine print
  • Unlimited Text  *International and USA
  • 1000 Mins of Talk  *USA Only
  • Cost: $30 USD
  • Time Period: 3 weeks
  • Bring in Your Unlocked Phone
  • Group of 3 or more?  They will bring everything to you!
How to Arrange Using Your Mobile Phone Visiting America

Normally phone stores have high turnover and every time you go in, it’s always a different person. I had the great luck of meeting Frank who has been at this T-Mobile store for 3 years. He was oh-so-helpful, and gave me all his contact information so my clients can work directly with a single, well-informed person. All you need to do is email Frank with your details and he’ll hook you up easy peasy lemon squeezy. Let him know Rachel, That Wedding Lady sent you to get his best, personalized attention. Disclaimer-I get absolutely no reward for this referral. I’m just trying to help my clients out.

Frank Manasse, Mobile Expert
T-Mobile Store 1296
27 North Federal Highway (in the CVS plaza on the corner of Broward Blvd and US 1)
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 478-0125 (this is his direct contact number)

It’s stressful enough trying to plan your beach vow renewal ceremony or other ceremony from a faraway location. Figuring out how to use your phone while your there shouldn’t be. Frank is a straight up good guy representing a trusted mobile provider in the U.S. He’ll sort you out at a price you can live with.