DIY Beach Music for Weddings

Beach Ceremony Music How To

Wind and surf are the biggest enemies to DIY music on a beach during your vow renewal or wedding ceremony in Florida.  Quite honestly, your best bet is to not even worry with it.

If your heart is set on it and you want to DIY some tunes, here is what you should know.

Romantic Vow Renewal Ceremony on Ft Lauderdale Beach FL photo


Get as powerful a battery powered speaker as you can. Find the direction the wind is blowing and position the speaker in a direction that matches the wind so it will carry the music across your guests instead of away.


Make a playlist on your device in your music app with nothing in it except your songs in the exact order they should be played. No other songs should be on this playlist.


This is a very important part. Choose someone to be in charge of playing the music.

I highly recommend you choose someone between the ages of 14-25 if possible.

This age group listens to music the most, and is intimately familiar with most music apps. Don’t choose your 49 year old aunt who hates technology and only uses her phone to make calls.

Meet with your music manager, show them which app to use, the playlist and where the app is located on the device so if something happens, like a bobbled fingertip accidentally closing the app, etc, that person knows exactly where to find the app on the phone quickly.

Let them know that the passcode, app name and playlist name will be taped to the back of the phone the day of.

Then close the app, lock the phone and have them start from scratch opening the phone, finding the app, finding the playlist and starting the music.

Your worst case scenario is the app gets closed right before your start time, and the music manager can’t quickly perform these steps. By making them perform the steps, you can be assured they have the skill to quickly get you back on track.

Talk with them about placement of the speaker as it regards wind that day. They want to pick a spot so that the music is flowing in the same direction as the wind washing over the crowd.


The Night Before the Ceremony

o Charge your phone, a battery backup stick, and your speaker. Your backup stick should have two slots so that both the phone and speaker can plug in at the same time. Test this by plugging both devices into the stick. Are they both charging? Is the speaker loud enough? Test it at a very high volume to confirm it will be able to get over the ambient noise on the beach.

o Tape the passcode, app name, and playlist name on the back of the phone.

o Reach out to your music manager to make plans on how to give them the devices, and how to get everything back to you immediately post ceremony.

– Remind them everything is taped on the back of the phone.

– Also, remind them to pick a spot for speaker placement allowing the music to travel in the same wind direction to wash over not away from the group.

o Get a bag and add two charging cords (one for each device.) In the morning, put in your phone, your battery stick and the speaker. Give everything to the designated person delivering the items to your music manager.

The Day of the Ceremony

o Let go of all of it. There’s no more you can do. What will be, will be.