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That Wedding Lady clowns around with the groom and his fellows before the wedding ceremony.

As a local wedding officiant in Ft. Lauderdale, the next love story is always just around the corner and usually on a beach. My professional mobile wedding service is located in the heart of downtown Ft Lauderdale, FL. I serve the greater south Florida region. Although most of my ceremonies are weddings, I also perform commitment ceremonies, vow renewals and polyamory ceremonies. Visit this page to read about all my services.

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Cruise weddings are my specialties

That Wedding Lady clowns around with the groom and his fellows before the wedding ceremony.My service is simple, easy and affordable. You don’t have to know a dang thing about getting married; that’s what you have me for. I take you through the entire process making it stress free, pleasant and at times, humorous. I help you with obstacles like How to Get a Marriage License or Where to Get a Marriage License. My gift to you is allowing you to forget about the process and focus other important things…like getting beautiful or handsome on your special day.

We’ll talk and share information that will give me the basis for what I need to write a ceremony that speaks to who you are as a unique couple. You also get to choose a ceremony certificate which I custom for your event.  This is a lovely keepsake I have printed by an outside print lab on gorgeous creamy paper that you will want to display in your home. Check out the choices here.  **Note-This is NOT the marriage license which you must obtain from a county courthouse required for legal weddings.

When your special day arrives, I come to your location and we perform the wedding ceremony just the way we planned it. Afterwards, I file the marriage license you obtained from the Clerk of Court the next business day for you.

Take a few minutes and wander around my website to learn more about what makes my service a little different from everyone else.

Email: rachel@thatweddinglady.com
Website: www.ThatWeddingLady.com

Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301 including Davie, FL, Weston, FL, Hollywood, FL, Dania Beach, FL, (Broward County) Boca Raton, FL ,(Palm Beach County) North Miami Beach, FL and South Beach, FL. (Miami Dade County)

Other regions available by request – travel fees may apply.