Visiting America? Need your Mobile Phone?

How to use your cell phone on vacation answered! Check out this SIM card special to use your phone while you are traveling to the USA. Your Vow Renewal Ceremony (or wedding or commitment ceremony) is important. Capturing these precious moments just became easier with T-Mobile’s International Visitor Plan.

Sandwich sign on sidewalk for T Mobile Sim Card Plan
Tourist Mobile Phone Plan while Visiting the US

After passing this sign nearly every day, it occurred to me what a big help it would be for my international visitors to help plan their phone needs for the big event. After stopping in and talking with them, they were delighted to give me details, and offer a delivery service to for groups of 3 or more. T-Mobile is a large provider in the USA so their coverage is excellent throughout our country.

The Deets
  • Free Sim Card
  • Unlimited Data  *see fine print
  • Unlimited Text  *International and USA
  • 1000 Mins of Talk  *USA Only
  • Cost: $30 USD
  • Time Period: 3 weeks
  • Bring in Your Unlocked Phone
  • Group of 3 or more?  They will bring everything to you!
How to Arrange Using Your Mobile Phone Visiting America

Normally phone stores have high turnover and every time you go in, it’s always a different person. I had the great luck of meeting Frank who has been at this T-Mobile store for 3 years. He was oh-so-helpful, and gave me all his contact information so my clients can work directly with a single, well-informed person. All you need to do is email Frank with your details and he’ll hook you up easy peasy lemon squeezy. Let him know Rachel, That Wedding Lady sent you to get his best, personalized attention. Disclaimer-I get absolutely no reward for this referral. I’m just trying to help my clients out.

Frank Manasse, Mobile Expert
T-Mobile Store 1296
27 North Federal Highway (in the CVS plaza on the corner of Broward Blvd and US 1)
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33301
(954) 478-0125 (this is his direct contact number)

It’s stressful enough trying to plan your beach vow renewal ceremony or other ceremony from a faraway location. Figuring out how to use your phone while your there shouldn’t be. Frank is a straight up good guy representing a trusted mobile provider in the U.S. He’ll sort you out at a price you can live with.