Ceremony Flow of Events

For That Wedding Lady in Ft. Lauderdale, FL, whether yours is a vow renewal ceremony, a wedding or commitment ceremony, this post shows my typical flow of events.

The order may change depending on your circumstances and preferences.

You can use this information to create a wedding placard for your guests to follow during the event.

  • Seating of Parents/Grandparents (optional)
  • Processional (bridal party enters in order: -groom, groomsmen, ring bearer, flower girl, bride and escort; note: ring bearer and flower girl complete their entry task then go sit in front row during ceremony.)
    • Opening Remarks
      In Remembrance (optional; included in opening remarks)
    • Giving the Bride Away (optional)
    • Words of Wisdom
    • The Story of You
    • Unity Activity (optional)
    • Taking Vows
    • Ring Exchange
    • Moment to Reflect
    • Proclamation
    • Recessional (bridal party exits in order: bride and groom, best man and maid of honor, continue pairing groomsmen and maids until complete, ring bearer, flower girl, grooms front row VIPS, brides front row VIP)
    • Announcement: I announce to the crowd that you are off to take pictures and they should proceed to a designated area…. ¬†(you tell me what this is-usually I’m supposed to send them to the bar to have a cocktail until you rejoin the group.)