Same Day Service Bouquet Delivery

In Fort Lauderdale, vow renewal ceremonies and beach ceremony clients need extras like small bouquets, corsages or flower arrangements, often for a simple beach ceremony before a cruise. Discover how two vendors I put together solve this dilemma easily, especially for those not renting cars, and relying on Uber to get around in this article.

The Bride Bouquet

Everyone wants to feel like a princess on their special day and flowers are key! Take a look at a previous post where I detail the perfect local florist in Fort Lauderdale proper who gets the look and price right on the money.

Vow Renewal flower bouquet in sand.
Delivery Straight to Your Hotel or AirBnB

Now check out this local delivery service I found who will go pick the bouquet up and bring it straight to you. Broward County Courier Delivery is not far from this florist location and just a hop, skip and a jump to the primary Fort Lauderdale area: hotels, beaches, port, airport, downtown.

This means you benefit from their lowest charge which is only $35! The dispatchers are Robert and Mary who will get you squared away.

Broward County Courier Delivery
(954) 895-5449

Flower covered walkway to Pergola used for outdoor wedding ceremonies

Total Cost for Wedding Flowers

If you’re like most of my clients and only need a bride’s bouquet and perhaps a corsage for your sweetheart, you might spend $50-60 with the florist. Throw another $35 at it for courier delivery and you’ve gotten your special ingredients to make your day magical for $100 or less.

That seems like a pretty decent deal to me.

Photo of a "This way to the Wedding" sign at Secret Woods Nature Center

Scouts Honor

BTW – I get zero money or any other reward from either of these vendors. My goal is to make my clients’ lives stress free. If I can do that by putting them together with vendors in the area that help my brides (and grooms) then I’m all about that.