Best Outdoor Wedding Venue-Ft. Lauderdale, FL

Outdoor wedding ceremonies located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL can be romantic, dreamy, and also fraught with concerns of how to pull it all together. That Wedding Lady TM shares a post with information on a perfect location for a rustic ceremony with all the amenities a bride needs, and at an extremely affordable price. It is, in fact, Broward County’s best kept secret, and a perfect place for your special day.

Photo of a "This way to the Wedding" sign at Secret Woods Nature Center

Why You Need to Know About Secret Woods Nature Center

It is one of the few locations I’ve visited that offers everything a ceremony venue needs, from the necessary, such as, beautifully appointed restroom amenities, on-site free parking, superior cost per value, rain backup, on site reception facility to your wish list items like, a gorgeous pergola surrounded by a wood close next door to a butterfly garden,  and oodles of spectacular photography options for the before and after pictures. Rarely do I visit an outdoor location that has everything. Nearly always they are missing a key feature making it a less than perfect option. Not so with Secret Woods, I was very impressed and highly recommend it for your consideration.

Photo of decorated pergola for an outdoor wedding

Location Details

Secret Woods Nature Center
2701 W. SR 84
Fort Lauderdale, FL 33312
(954) 357-8884
Open 9 AM to 5 PM every day
Google Maps Location:

Pergola and guest seating surrounded by the woods
View-from main walkway into pergola space; decorating the pergola
View from inside a pergola looking back towards the walkway
View-Looking from inside the pergola towards the walkway
Looking into the wedding space from the butterfly garden
View-Looking into the pergola space from the adjacent butterfly garden

Facility Details

– Ample parking and no fees!

Restroom interiors
Inside the lovely and ice cold restroom facilities

-Very nicely decorated
-Stalls and floors are made of a lovely wood
-Ice cold air-conditioning
-Connected to reception room by private door; plus another door leading out into the Nature Center
-Ample mirrors


Artsy picture from inside a pergola looking towards the sky.

Flower covered walkway to Pergola used for outdoor wedding ceremoniesReception Hall
– Unable to visit on this day since they had a active ceremony going on.

Building structures:
-Attractive and blend in with the area
-Offer excellent backgrounds for photography
-Japanese bells adorn many of the buildings

Nature Center Features:
-Gorgeous greenery throughout
-Two walkway trails – one of which leads directly to the New River upon which the Park is situated
-They have a dedicated butterfly garden with a lovely arch. This would be a great setting for some photography. I saw monarchs, zebra butterflies (Official State of Florida butterfly,) and dragonflies.
-Cute benches are tucked around in and out the grounds offering shade and more photography options.
-Pergola and benches are a short walk from the main area with a wooden walkway leading to them for the Bride’s grand entrance.

Benches surrounded by nature
Hidden benches throughout the grounds for thoughtful contemplation and photography options.

-Fully accessible in most areas (the trail paths are somewhat handy-capable friendly.)
-Parking, main grounds, walkway to Pergola and some other areas are suitable for wheelchairs or for persons who may have difficulty walking and getting around.

Rental Details and Cost:
– The Pergola is not available for rental on its own. You have to rent the reception hall and, for an additional fee, include use of the Pergola for your event. There is also a large outdoor space adjacent to the reception hall which comes with the package.
– Cost: $600 for four hours, or $800 for the whole day. Know that I obtained this information from the Groom there that day. I do not know if these figures include the additional add-on option for use of the Pergola. Of note, the Groom was absolutely thrilled with the cost and amenities.
– Rain Backup Location – Yes, the reception hall

Picture of main walkway entering Secret Woods

Pro Driving Instructions

**The entrance to the park is located on State Road 84.

If you’re coming from the east, Drive West on State Road 84 passing the freeway interchange for I-95. The entrance is just past this interchange on the right-hand side.

If you’re coming from the west, proceed east on State Road 84 until you come to 15th St. (there will be a 7-11 on the corner, big intersection) and make a U-turn to travel back west on State Road 84. Go past the freeway entrances for I-95, and just past this interchange, the entrance to the nature center is on the right-hand side.