The Absolutely True Adventures of Brides Gone Wrong

Photo of frustrated bride

This article is about wedding ceremonies and helps brides understand that their wedding dress choices, and other decisions, are best made when full consideration has been given, not only to how fabulous it looks, but to also give thought to the setting of the ceremony.

Photo of frustrated bride

Sugarplum Wedding Visions

Every bride has her own unique vision of her wedding day, or, more specifically, her wedding dress. She can picture the style; she can see the veil, the neck line, and she knows she’ll feel like a princess in it. Weddings are about emotions and feelings. Most brides choose their dress based on how it makes them feel when they put it on with little thought given to whether it makes sense for the setting.

What happens though, to the bride who chooses her dress based on
how it looks only and doesn’t consider the practicality of whether it’s appropriate for the setting. The answer ranges from mild irritation to near catastrophe, and everything in between.

I live in Florida, and my job is to marry people. My vocation though, is making dreams come true. Sometimes, though, things don’t go as planned. Take a look at these examples below to get an idea of what I mean.

Beach Wedding Boo Boo

The beach wedding goof that was funny. She was a beautiful bride. Her hair and make up was gorgeous. She wore a full wedding dress with a long gorgeous train made of thick creamy lace. The problem? The bride had neglected to consider the terrain across which she was walking. By the time she got to the front, she had sticks, shells, and seaweed stuck in the train of her wedding dress. Her dress look like a fishing net with a bunch of garbage stuck in it.

The fix? Think about the surroundings where you plan to get married. Choosing a dress with a shorter train, and satin material would’ve been a better choice. Look to dress style with a mermaid train for a look that suits the theme and is less likely to collect debris as you walk.

Unity Candle Close Call

One couple chose to light a unity candle during the service, and even after discussing the pitfalls, such as flames that blow out, and the danger of clothes catching fire, they were still sure it was what they wanted. During the rehearsal, they were coached to carefully avoid the flame, especially the bride since her clothing was so drapey.

During the unity ceremony, the bride was super careful but when she turned to leave, her veil wafted up behind her catching the flame and setting it alight. The groom had to yank the veil off her head.

The fix? Consider what activities you’ll be doing in the ceremony. Will you be walking around to perform an activity? Do you need to take care during one of the activities? Choose a dress that moves well if so.

The Stuck Bridesmaids

Another couple chose a lovely local country club setting for their ceremony. To get married in the gazebo, the wedding party had to walk across the lawn in the procession. After raining for two days, the weather cleared up 24 hours before the big day. Although it had been mentioned to the bride that the lawn was soggy, she merely pooh poohed the thought of trouble away.

During the promenade to the front, three bridesmaids walking single file got halfway across the lawn when their high heels sank into the soft earth. The more they fought against it, the more the ground sucked at their shoes. They literally had to step out of them and walk bare foot.

Next came the bride, who, having been hidden away from the groom, didn’t see the bridesmaids’ fiasco and began to walk blissfully to her destiny. You know what happened next already, don’t you? That’s right. Beautiful pointy gorgeous shoes that sank straight into the ground.

The fix? Most brides hate changing anything about their plan once it’s been set, and fair enough. Yet, there’s something to be said for having a back up plan. You can purchase high heel covers for the pointy end of the shoe from most local department stores. They look like little dinner plates or flying saucers that prevent heels from sinking into a soft surface.

At each of these events, the brides were able to laugh about it later saying it gave them a great forever story though I bet they wished they didn’t. A little forethought would have created a different outcome for each of them. But hey, who doesn’t like a great story?

Bio – Rachel Smith McMurray, That Wedding Lady, is a wedding officiant in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida with an inordinate almost absurd passion for buttercream frosting. Find more thought provoking wedding factoids and advice on her blog at and save your adventures for another day.