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My wedding officiant prices are affordable for everyone. They are especially competitive given I customize absolutely everything and give you complete input on changes.

This makes me a little different from other Ft Lauderdale wedding officiants. Many have such complicated costs and charge you for every single little thing like having the ability to have input, or customizing the ceremony or even adding in a simple unity. I don’t do any of that. Remember, it’s all about making your day as stress free as possible.

cartoon of that wedding ladyLet’s review what I offer you: Every single ceremony is completely customized from top to bottom just for you and your sweetheart. Read over 100 reviews about my service and you’ll understand why I win not only awards, but the hearts of the people I serve. I’m passionate and it shows.

You receive a gorgeous personalized keepsake certificate choosing from 10 designs. Never printed out on some home computer, these beauties are printed at a high quality off site print lab on deliciously creamy paper.

Your input – you can change every dang word I write if you want, you can even write the whole thing yourself if you’re so inclined or you can let me handle it all. Other officiants may take your suggestions into consideration but ultimately they are going to deliver a ceremony that they have probably memorized.

The Pro Factor – You don’t have to know anything about how to make a wedding ceremony. That’s my job. I lead you through the entire process seamlessly so you can forget about it and concentrate on more important things….like getting gorgeous. I answer every question, find every resource, work diligently to make sure your sweetest day is the vision you planned for.

Award winning – and did I mention I’ve won a ton of awards? That I’m a nationally recognized officiant ranked in the top 5% of the U.S. That I’ve done countless interviews in newspapers and television.

Unities and other add ons – You can add as many special unities into your ceremony as you choose for no extra cost. You can two step down the aisle. Have your cousin, Destiny read that dumb poem she wrote in school about love or even trot your mama to the front to give a blessing…..I don’t charge you one penny more to construct these parts of your ceremony. Other officiants will charge you for every dinky thing you add. I say, go for it. It doesn’t cost you one penny more.

Ok, you’re here. You read all the info. I built the value for my work. Here is my pricing. I keep it simple and easy to understand. I charge $299 for a ceremony only package or $400 for a rehearsal/ceremony combo. Additionally for legal weddings where I will be filing legal paperwork, please add $10 to cover the notarizing and mailing of the document (USPS with tracking number.)

You can pay by cash, check, money order,  credit card, debit card, paypal or your grandma’s cupcakes.


IF YOU WANT TO PAY FOR YOUR CEREMONY WITH PAYPAL, CREDIT CARD OR DEBIT CARD: Please send me an email letting me know and I will send you a digital invoice that you can pay online with. Just let me know if you wish to pay the deposit, full amount without rehearsal or full amount with rehearsal.

IF YOU WANT TO PAY FOR YOUR CEREMONY IN CASH: Please call me so that we can make the appropriate arrangements.

IF YOU WANT TO PAY FOR YOUR CEREMONY WITH A CHECK OR MONEY ORDER: Checks and money orders are accepted for deposits. Final balances must be paid with cash, credit or debit card. Send me an email and I will provide you with the address you may mail your payment to.

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