Wedding Officiant Services

Explaining What a Wedding Officiant Is

Wedding Officiant services vary only slightly between categories depending on my clients’ needs. Below I explain the types of services I perform: Wedding Ceremonies, Commitment Ceremonies, Vow Renewal Ceremonies and Polyamory Ceremonies.

Explaining What a Wedding Officiant IsFor all the ceremony variations below, my wedding officiant service is more or less the same. Every single ceremony I perform is different from the last one. I custom create the ceremony based on information I obtain from you, and it is a special gift of mine to write words that speak to the people I serve on an especially meaningful level during the most important moment of their lives. Each ceremony receives a keepsake certificate that is customized and printed by a professional print lab on gorgeous creamy paper. I have many designs to choose from. On the day of your service, I come to your desired location and we conduct the ceremony exactly as we planned it. You can choose from two levels of service: rehearsal plus ceremony or just ceremony. Doesn’t get any easier than that!


Performing legal weddings for straight and gay couples, I work hard to make the process easy and affordable without any stress. To get legally married in Florida, you must obtain a marriage license from the courthouse. This is the document you must give the wedding officiant of your choice so they can marry you. After the wedding ceremony, the wedding officiant will fill out the paper, sign it, complete their notary requirements then file it with the Clerk of Court.


Some people can’t or choose not to get legally married for all kinds of reasons, seniors may lose benefits if they marry, others may be in a complicated divorce scenario and unable to marry while still others may simply eschew legalities altogether but still want to make deep promises to their special someone.  We perform the commitment ceremony exactly as if it were a wedding only the couples do not obtain a marriage license prior to the service nor does the officiant complete or file any documents after the ceremony.


A vow renewal ceremony is much like a wedding ceremony service. It has the same structure except the couple is either already married or they have already perform a commitment ceremony. This ceremony gives them the opportunity to rededicate themselves to each other in a powerful, meaningful way. Vow renewal ceremonies do not require couples to obtain any special licenses nor would I file any paperwork after the ceremony.


Polyamorous relationships mean that three or more people have become involved and wish to commit themselves to each other in a polyamorous wedding ceremony. That Wedding Lady is happy to provide the same set of ceremonies to this group as any other client group she services. Ceremonies are customized to the group to accommodate the multi-person structure. Polyamory ceremonies are commitment ceremonies only and are not a legal wedding.